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Glow Paper:

Glow in the Dark Inkjet Photo Paper can be used for full color printing, in any ordinary ink-jet printer. This paper is capable of handling printing resolution of up to 360 dpi, making it possible to print full color photographs that Glow in the Dark. Impress your family and friends with home made Glow in the Dark Art & Craft Work.




PVC Photoluminescent photo printing paper are made of  photoluminescent pigment and good quality vinyl material. After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes,PVC photo printing paper will glow more than 8-12 hours in the darkness.

Photoluminescent photo printing paper are non-toxic,non-radioactive,and halmless.Photoluminescent photo printing paper are ink jet printable to create crisply colored glow-in-the dark signs, labels for marking light switches, instruments, controls, & emergency exits. The photoluminescent photo printing paper are suitable for HP, Epson, Canon and other ink jet printing machine to create all kinds of beautiful photos which glow in the dark.

Glow in the dark waterproof PVC photo paper,  it's difference from above glow photo paper,This PVC glow photo paper not only glow in the dark but also waterproof. so it have the advantage of PVC glow in the dark photo paper.

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